Eerie Forest

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All seventy dark and ominous stories are guaranteed to enlighten and entertain. Original versions were recorded as voicemails to amuse the author’s colleagues and friends at work.

Micro-dramas include:

Detective Amy: Our intrepid sleuth keeps it together searching a houseful of horrors.

The Hole: Lincoln and his strict father discover their cesspool holds a dirty secret.

MPG: Young Shawn, a budding genius, bravely saves little Spot from bodily harm.

Barfly: A thirsty drunkard makes an irrevocable deal with the Prince of Darkness.

Old Men Chatting: Cronies discuss the revulsions of aging over breakfast sandwiches.

Mort’s List: Always efficient, a mortician deftly completes his long checklist of chores.

China: Adventurous Perry picks the worst location in America to dig a deep hole.

Devil's Corridor: Chased down a highway, Cliff should have kept his eyes on the road.

—“Thievery” excerpt from the best-selling book: Tidings From The Abyss

Copyrights 2014-22.  All rights reserved.

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Tidings From The Abyss

     Don wiped the blood from his buck knife onto the dead marshal’s pants. My partner’s face held no smile as we went for the gold.

     The ancient stagecoach jerked as the horses panicked against the harnesses. An iron chest waited under the seat, protected by another corpse. We tossed the gut-shot deputy into the chaparral.

70 Disturbing Micro-Dramas