Kenya Watson wins the last white elephant gift at his company’s year-end holiday party. The curious present dominates the software engineer’s daily life, compelling the lone wolf down a dangerous road of rich rewards and violent punishments.

     Kenya, responsible for a horrific incident during his youth, fights inner demons spawned from crushing guilt. Cryptic visions heighten his reality, and prophetic strangers guide him on a mystical quest.

     Can Kenya find personal redemption and the end to his isolation, or will the Tandoori Box spirit away his wounded soul?

The Tandoori Box

"Kenya heard the clatter of heavy hooves. Curious, he stuck his head out the stagecoach window. A swirling cyclone of bone ash abraded his face and stung his eyeballs. The coachman, a barrel-chested skeleton cloaked in a flowing cape and top hat trimmed with raven feathers, drove the twelve frothing stallions toward their terminal station—the belching smokestacks of a colossal crematorium—with pistol-shot cracks of a forty-foot whip"

-Excerpt from the best-selling
book: The Tandoori Box

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