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Kin and Clan

    When Paul Crutcher’s father dies and his wife, Jennifer, finds a PRIVATE PAPERS envelope in his mother’s belongings, the fledgling author resists all temptations to see what secrets are hidden inside. Eventually, curiosity kills the cat, and he can’t help himself from tearing open his past. 
     Paul’s shocking discovery takes him on an “Origin Journey” to the Deep South. He meets a pair of brothers he never knew existed, who drag him into an underworld of intrigue and danger. Jennifer senses that Paul is in trouble and hurries to bail him out. 
   A mysterious stranger saves Paul and Jennifer from certain death, but is this hulking brute indeed a knight in shining armor? Who is the man with the sword, and what are his true intentions?

   Jennifer’s eyes connected with mine. “Ready?” She looked so beautiful, so full of life, so equipped for battle.

       I drew her face to mine, softly kissing her lips. Overwrought, I implored, “We don’t have to do this. Let’s just go home.”

     My wife squeezed my hand. “Come on, Lover Boy. Time’s a-wastin’.” 
     Are those voices? I clutched Jennifer’s arm. “Thought I heard—” My straining ears only detected the pounding of my heart and the blood rushing behind my eardrums.

  Jennifer crept to the abandoned house's backdoor. As she mouthed, “Somebody’s talking,” I saw the whites of her eyes. 

When the final page turns, will Paul hate himself for opening Pandora’s box?

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  Eerie Forest

—Excerpt from the best-selling book:
Kin and Clan

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